Decorate Your False Ceiling Bedroom Amazingly

false ceiling bedroom decor with unique purple curtains

Your bedroom ceiling should be designed wonderfully. When you are lying on the bed or just sitting on the chair, the decoration of the ceiling will become your view. So, when you select the beautiful ceiling decoration you can enjoy your ceiling space. It makes you feel much better and comfortable when the ceiling is well decorated. This includes for false ceiling bedroom where there are amazing ideas you can […]

Apartment Bedroom Interior Design and Decoration Ideas

purple apartment bedroom with wooden floor and chair

What do you think about apartment bedroom? Do you think it is small, cramped and unattractive? Yup, those can be true as bedroom in the apartment is commonly small. In the apartment, you have single bedroom. This is a challenge to make small cozy bedroom without giving up with the small size of the bedroom space. This is a spirit you need in transforming the small bedroom space to be […]